Science policy weekly roundup: August 23, 2019 ?>

Science policy weekly roundup: August 23, 2019

Springer Nature and German scientific institutions reach open-access deal

Publisher Springer Nature and a consortium of more than 700 German libraries and research institutions reached an agreement to allow consortium members to publish open-access papers to more than 1,900 Springer Nature journals. The institutes also will receive access to articles in those journals. The deal, however, does not cover the Nature brand of journals, including Nature and Nature Medicine. Read more here.


Biotech leaders speak out against targeting of Chinese scientists

More than 150 leaders of pharmaceutical and biotech companies released a letter on Wednesday denouncing the “climate of fear” created by recent dismissals of Chinese scientists. The letter said that, while espionage and intellectual property theft must be prevented, American scientists should encourage global collaborations and prevent the loss of successful Chinese scientists working in the U.S. Read more here.


Scientists seek to diversify genetic databases

Results from studies using genetic databases have been hampered by the lack of diversity in those databases, which contain genetic information mostly from individuals of European ancestry. Scientists are seeking to compare these existing databases with new databases from sub-Saharan Africa and the United States, which specifically seek to enroll 1 million individuals of diverse backgrounds. Read more here.

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