Legislative Update – Appropriations and the Senate innovation agenda

As discussed last week, the appropriations process continues to progress behind closed doors. However, some details are emerging. All appropriations subcommittees have received their 302(b) allocations, and those allocations have been described to me by congressional staff as “fair.” The allocation for the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations subcommittee, which funds the National Institutes…

CRomnibus passes–crisis averted (for now)

In an extremely rare Saturday session of the U.S. Senate, senators passed the massive fiscal 2015 spending bill by a vote of 56-40. Passage ends any possibility of a government shutdown and ensures most of the federal government is fully funded through the end of the fiscal year.

CRomnibus: there's more there than dollars

Many of us have focused on the bottom line of H.R. 83, the fiscal 2015 continuing resolution-omnibus (CRomnibus) funding package, which the U.S. House passed last night. Science funding agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation received modest funding increases.

Hurdles to an omnibus for 2015

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the continuing resolution that is funding the federal government through Dec. 11. With all of the recent news about Ebola research funding, I wanted to revisit the fiscal 2015 research funding outlook before Congress returns after the election. There are three options for Congress regarding FY15 funding